Cycle days challenge: May

This is the second month of the challenge to bike on 150 days this year.  Each day is documented by a photo with a bike from the ride, and numbered.  See here for background and the first month of the challenge.

05/150, May 1st: against a millwheel, on an ice cream break in Elos, on a day ride from Kissamos.  47 miles

06/150, May 2: on another ice cream break, in Topolia, Crete, on the ride from Kissamos to Palaiochora.  32 miles

07/150,May 4: A tandem rowing cycle, on the ride from Palaiochora to Omalos.  38 miles, 6,400’

08/150,May 5: entering Kalyves through the back door.  42 miles, 3,000’

09/150:May 6: at the Turkish fortress, Aptera, Crete.  48 miles, 4400’
10/150: dropping in to Archanes.  54 miles, 5800’

11/150: May 9th, in Aski.  38 miles, 4800’

12/150: May 10th, with our innkeeper in Tzermiado.  49 miles, 3600’


13/150: May 11th, in Agios Nikolaos.  30miles, 2,600’


14/150: May 12th.  Riding into Heraklion, Crete.  42miles, 2,600’


15/150, May 13rh: Riding to Appolonas, on the Cycladic island of Naxos.  20 miles, 2,000’

16/150, May 14th: Climbing to our hotel in Naxos Chora.  36 miles, 2,400’

17/150,May 15th: at the Naxos Marble factory.  26 miles, 2,200’



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