The Cycle Days Challenge: April

On our sister site, Cycle365, Suzanne posted a challenge

that I’m taking up.  It’s a pretty simple idea – set a personal goal of a number of days on which to ride during the year, and post a single photograph for each day as the year progresses.

I’m setting my goal at 150, which is pretty challenging since the year is a third over already – I’ll have to put in about 20 days per month to meet my goal.  I’ll post them as monthly entries, starting with the tiny piece of April that still remains.

My year starts here:

1/150: April 26th, Sauvie Island.  51 miles, with Rachael.  Last ride before our flight to Greece.

2/150: April 28th, Chania.  Day loop south to a Therissos Gorge.  30 miles, 3,800’ of climbing.

3/150: April 29th: woman in front of the Byzantine Wall, Chania. 41 miles, 2,200’ of climbing.

4/150: April 30th, Michael Verhage in Chania.  36 miles, 2,100’ of climbing.



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