So where’s the blog?

Some of you will have noticed that there’s very little activity on this site, even though it’s the one that we advertise on our personal cards. There’s a reason for this.  It isn’t that I’m not blogging our rides any more – it’s just that I’m primarily doing it elsewhere.  We plan to log all of our newer longer tours on CycleBlaze, a startup website we like that caters to bike travelers like ourselves.  We’ll log our day rides primarily on Cycle365, a communal website we created.  Here is a link to my posts on that site.

So, if I’m blogging over there instead, what’s the point of Biking Over the Hill, anyway?  Good question.  To step back, we created this site when we left/were ejected from Crazy Guy on a Bike, and wanted to have a place to continue blogging our day rides.  Also, we wanted to have a stable address to use for our neat personal cards we planned to create.  Since then though, we decided to create a collaborative site that supported other riders as well.

So here we are.  Our cards direct you here, but most of our new content is at the links above because it doesn’t make sense and takes to blog the same ride twice.

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