Rachael and I moved to Portland sixteen years ago this spring.  We were living in Salem at the time, and moving from our home to a condominium – another downsizing project.  I’ve been thinking about that move lately of course, because it was the last time we had to deal with readying our home for sale and the oddity of sprucing it up just as you’re leaving.

I’ve also been thinking of it because we don’t know how the sale will fit with our travel plans, just like last time.  Then, our house sold while we were biking in Corsica.  We had left the sale in the hands of Steve, a trusted friend, and given him power of attorney to act in our absence.  I wonder if something like that will occur this time as well.

this article was really about the condo, but I keep getting drawn back to our move up here, which I haven’t thought of in a long time and have been misremembering a bit.  I’d forgotten that we bought the condo in the spring of 2002, but didn’t sell our house until a year later.  We kept it mainly because of Shasta, our dog – she was 16, still had the spirit in her, and we couldn’t bring ourselves to let her go just because we wanted to live in the big city.  For that first year we mostly lived in Salem and used the condo as our pied-a-terre for weekend escapes.  Once her health failed and we let her go we emptied the house, put it on the market, and headed for France.


Our condo is in the heart of the Pearl District, now one of the trendiest areas in Portland.  We moved in quite early in the redevelopment of the district, when it was mostly still warehouses and parking lots.  In cleaning house for our current move, I found the photo we took of the neighborhood when we first saw the place.  

To be continued


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