Around a pretty big island

We like islands.  We’ve circled or taken a large bite from a few fair sized ones by now: Honshu, a very big island with an area of roughly 77,000 square miles; Tasmania, 26,000; Taiwan, 14,000; Vancouver Island, 11,000; Sicily, 10,000; Sardinia, 9,000; Corsica, 3,300; Crete, 3,000.

Next up, Hawaii, The Big Island.  At 4,000 square miles it’s certainly big enough; but The Big Island?  Sounds a bit presumptuous.  Seems like calling themselves A Pretty Big Island would be more seemly, while still distinguishing themselves from the lesser islands in its archipelago.  And, I hear that it is pretty, as well as pretty big.  So that’s how we’ll refer to it from here on out: Hawaii, a pretty big island.

If you’d like to join us, here’s the journal.

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