Bilbao to Sete

This was our second tour along the Pyrenees in recent years.  In 2014 we biked from Girona to Bilbao, primarily along the French side of the range.  This time we reversed ourselves, starting in Bilbao and following the Spanish side.  We finished off the tour by crossing into France, where I was flattened by food poisoning for a few days before we started biking again, finishing up by crossing Langueduc.  Other than health issues it was a brilliant adventure, one of our best.

here’s the journal for this ride, and as usual an overview map:

The blue stretch was by train from Ax-les-Thermes to Carcassonne, while I was recovering from food poisoning.

Slide show of Spain portion of trip

Slide show of France portion of trip

Video of the best rides of the trip

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