Biking to the MAX: Vernonia

For some time now I’ve harbored the idea of biking from home to Vernonia and back as a day ride. It’s doable – about 105 miles – but really more than I want to take on. As a MAX-enabled ride though it’s much more manageable at 85 miles. That’s still a pretty long ride for me, and in fact longer than I can recall taking in at least the last five year; but clearly doable. If I was fine with a 76 mile ride in Utah carrying a load, I’ll be fine doing this.It sounds like the perfect ride for this new series, and today looks like the perfect day – overcast, coolish, with minimal wind. The weather shouldn’t take much out of me. I’ll plan to ride counterclockwise, ending at the Hillsboro MAX station, because I think that it will be quieter to ride Scappoose-Vernonia road and busy US 30 in the morning than toward the evening rush hour.

Here’s the journal for this ride, and the map:


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